Friday, April 15, 2005

Technology is a Wonderful Thing

The Sleep Tacker Watch.
It is suppose to be able to awake you in lighter periods of sleeps, making it esier to get out of bed. I personlly love when I awake before an alarm and just lay their completely rested and content, If this watch works as well as the reviews from GearLive and the like say they do it will be well worth the $150, 30 day money garentee too.
This guy is doing a documented thirty day review of the watch, very cool to have a real life review of it.

Gmail drive!
I know this is old but now Gmail is 2GB and climbing.
I have installed this and the Gmail Drive shows up in 'My Computer' and it is merely drag and drop after that. No Bugs so far and very easy to use.

At the very least it an easy way to have a backup of files you need.
But it also could work as for File Sharing among friends, set up an account and allow all of your firends access. Any one of your firends could share songs, video, pictures and you can check it randomly for content that your friends think is interesting/cool/funny.


Blogger Toadpipe said...

'k so now i have a blog here, you should visit it bahahaha. ;p

11:03 PM  
Blogger C. Walter said...

Joey is my hero! :)

4:22 PM  
Blogger Hermione said...

hey, thanks for your comment, it was really nice of you! i do love music a lot. :) thanks again

8:18 PM  

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