Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sweet / Kinda Hurts My eyes

None of thos little green things are actually moving.
Cover every leaf but one and see for yourself

I love optical illusions!

Im still looking for the illusion in which you stare at these consecutive spinning circles for 60 seconds then look at something else, when you do, whatever you are looking at will beomce all distorted. Really sweet.

My weekend was pretty cool.
I went out to Kimberly's land with Tim and Pat. Her land is really ns has a big pond with a caneo lotsa land, streams and trails. Too early for most of the bugs too! We're gonna go cook out there this coming weekend, maybe a meatless gril. Hmm I'll have to post some pics. Cause pictures just make everything so much better :D.

Does anyone notice the adsence (google ads)? I tried to make the colors blend so that they wouldn't stick out like a sore monkey.


Blogger Toadpipe said...

Lol, sweet illusion. yeah, looks like at the end of the school year im going sky diving with Lindsay, probably tandem, because you get to fall longer and you dont have to have 8 hours of training. its like 60 seconds of free fall, it will be fun as hell.

8:49 PM  
Blogger Casey said...

optical illusions are cool

5:06 AM  

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