Saturday, April 23, 2005

Surprisingly is Addictive

My high score is 220 tim beat me on his first try with 268. :( PLAY IT NOW! Tell if you beat me cause I wont stand for it.

My weekend = not so good :(
Least it wasn't this bad tho!

It seems kinda wrong but my first reaction is to laugh... its so crazy!

Thursday, April 21, 2005


This aint no regular monkey this baby is a SWAT MONKEY!

Found this story about Swat conducting research on using monkeys in their opperations. Swat thinks that the 'enemy' will be too surprised to hurt the monkeys. Also Animal rights people think it's to high risk to send monkeys into combat zones.... Yet their ok with people risking their lives instead? Dont know how to describe animal extremeist; cept maybe their just insane. Take a look.

As long as were all looking into skydiving take a look at the Largest air diamond (144 guys)
there crazy go nuts :) Pretty darn cool though.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sweet / Kinda Hurts My eyes

None of thos little green things are actually moving.
Cover every leaf but one and see for yourself

I love optical illusions!

Im still looking for the illusion in which you stare at these consecutive spinning circles for 60 seconds then look at something else, when you do, whatever you are looking at will beomce all distorted. Really sweet.

My weekend was pretty cool.
I went out to Kimberly's land with Tim and Pat. Her land is really ns has a big pond with a caneo lotsa land, streams and trails. Too early for most of the bugs too! We're gonna go cook out there this coming weekend, maybe a meatless gril. Hmm I'll have to post some pics. Cause pictures just make everything so much better :D.

Does anyone notice the adsence (google ads)? I tried to make the colors blend so that they wouldn't stick out like a sore monkey.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Never Cease to Amaze?

Image, if you will; You are a deadbeat mexican living in an apartment
closet. The closet belongs to a woman you are having an affair with. One day your
lover's real husband comes home and find you snoring in his closet.
You repay his hospitality with a shotgun to the face and then as if that was not enough you
continue to beat him to death with a club.
Believe it or not but thats not the twisted imagination of my mind. Look here :)
Don't exactly know why I posted a moneky pic...

Friday, April 15, 2005

Technology is a Wonderful Thing

The Sleep Tacker Watch.
It is suppose to be able to awake you in lighter periods of sleeps, making it esier to get out of bed. I personlly love when I awake before an alarm and just lay their completely rested and content, If this watch works as well as the reviews from GearLive and the like say they do it will be well worth the $150, 30 day money garentee too.
This guy is doing a documented thirty day review of the watch, very cool to have a real life review of it.

Gmail drive!
I know this is old but now Gmail is 2GB and climbing.
I have installed this and the Gmail Drive shows up in 'My Computer' and it is merely drag and drop after that. No Bugs so far and very easy to use.

At the very least it an easy way to have a backup of files you need.
But it also could work as for File Sharing among friends, set up an account and allow all of your firends access. Any one of your firends could share songs, video, pictures and you can check it randomly for content that your friends think is interesting/cool/funny.